Hygrovision BL

Mirror illuminating

Hygrovision BL

Two alternatives for illuminating the condensation mirror's surface enabling the instrument to differentiate dew point measurements for water and hydrocarbons

Visualization of water condensation

Visualization of hydrocarbon condensation

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All in One

The Hygrovision BL is an innovative compact dew point analyzer. It is designed to take high precision dew point measurements for both hydrocarbons and water and it is fitted with a visualization system. It is equally suitable for both fixed on-line installations, taking measurements in automatic mode, and as a portable dew point analyzer operated manually. The Hygrovision BL provides comprehensive functionality and is a state-of-the-art alternative not only to conventional manual dew point mirrors but also to garden variety automatic dew point analyzers. This analyzer is equipped with an automatic condensation detection system in addition to the visual system. Employing interferometric analysis, the cooled surface of the condensation mirror is photo-electrically scanned to register condensation. Dew point measurements made visually, which are subjectively dependent on the technician, can be objectively checked and refined with the automatic system. The Hygrovision BL is equipped with a complex lighting system for illuminating the surface of the condensation mirror that enables the analyzer to distinguish between water and hydrocarbon condensation.